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Put yourself across the felt from Daniel Negreanu, the biggest live tournament poker winner of all time. The six-time World Series of Poker champion teaches poker strategy, advanced theory, and practice through hand-reviews of his winning games. Learn how to sharpen your mental game through demos on reading opponents and spotting tells. Join Daniel at the table to increase your win rate, grow your ROI, and get your game “in the money.”

01 Introduction
Meet your instructor—six-time World Series of Poker bracelet-winner Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu. Daniel starts his class with an outline of what you’ll learn and assures students that even the most complex poker concepts can be learned.

02 Understanding Position
Learn how to immediately improve your game by playing the right cards at the right time. Daniel evaluates early, middle, and late position strategies and provides tips on how to capitalize on the opportunities that each position affords.

03 Hand Ranges and Board Texture
Daniel breaks down hand range theory using specific scenarios to demonstrate how to identify ranges based on board textures, betting patterns, and player tendencies.


04 Ranges: Hand Review
Using footage of a hand from The Big Game, Daniel walks you through his entire thought process as he deduces his opponent’s hand range in real time.

05 Game Theory and Math
Daniel discusses Game Theory Optimal poker and provides tips on how to calculate pot odds and fold frequency at game speed.

06 C-Betting
The continuation bet is a valuable tactic under the right circumstances. Learn the best times to make a c-bet and how to use this tool to maximize profits.

07 Check-Raising
Learn how adding the check-raise to your toolkit can open up bluffing opportunities, extract extra value, and keep you from getting run over when you’re out of position.

08 Three-Betting
Three-betting is more prevalent now than ever. Daniel teaches you how to defend against it and how to use it in your own game without becoming predictable.

09 Three-Betting: Hand Review
Using footage of a hand from an EPT Barcelona Super High Roller event, Daniel illustrates the importance of modifying your three-betting strategy when encountering resistance.

10 Detecting and Executing the Bluff
A successful bluff requires more than a good poker face. Learn how to use board texture, capped ranges, and blockers to identify an opponent’s bluff and make your own bluffs believable.

11 Executing the Bluff: Hand Reviews
Using footage from three different hands, Daniel reveals how he detects value-to-bluff ratios, exploits player tendencies, and pulls off triple-barrel bluffs at game speed.

12 Bet Sizing
Daniel explains the subtle art of bet sizing and teaches you how to maximize value while minimizing risk.

13 Overbetting
Learn the ideal conditions for using an overbet, how to price it, and how to use this advanced tactic as part of your winning strategy.

14 Multi-way Dynamics
When the number of players at the table increases, your strategy should change to keep up. Daniel explains the nuances of multi-person pots and teaches you how to adjust your play for this unique situation.

15 Mixed Strategy
A predictable player is an easy mark. Daniel teaches you how to keep your opponents guessing by adding layers to your game and shares his personal method for randomizing sub-optimal plays.

16 Mixed Strategy: Hand Review
Using footage from a hand between three-time WSOP winner Antonio Esfandiari and pro player Tony G, Daniel demonstrates how a mixed strategy could have saved one poker legend a lot of money.

17 Pre- and Postflop Mistakes
Daniel breaks down the most common mistakes players make as hands progress past the flop to teach you how to avoid them in your own play.

18 Tournament Strategy: Early and Middle Stages
The way you play in a tournament early-on has a big impact on the final outcome. Learn strategies specific to early and middle stage play, like how to be mindful of stack sizes and account for blind structure from the get go.

19 Tournament Strategy: On the Bubble
Learn Daniel’s strategies for navigating the precarious “bubble” including how to get in the money by leveraging big stacks and avoid ICM suicide.

20 Tournament Strategy: Late Stages and Final Table
Now that you’ve made it past the bubble, it’s time to bring home the prize. Daniel teaches you how to take calculated risks and execute strategically-timed aggression to become a tournament champion.

21 Universal Tournament Strategy
Learn the universal tactics to take from table to table—no matter the stage or type of play—that will help you throughout the everchanging tournament landscape.

22 Cash Games
Learn how to effectively play stack sizes, maximize value, and avoid common mistakes in cash games.

23 Masking Tells
Daniel walks you through his methods for masking tells including how to maintain a consistent physical baseline, practice the perfect poker face, and protect your cards.

24 Spotting Tells, Part 1
Daniel teaches his exact process for determining if a player is bluffing and reveals the physical tells he’s spotted in opponents that have made him the most cash.

25 Spotting Tells, Part 2
Daniel delves deeper into his analysis of body language and demonstrates how craftier opponents may try to trick you with the notorious “reverse tell.”

26 Spotting Tells: Hand Reviews
Using the footage from two different hands, Daniel pinpoints the exact moments that he picked up on live reads from his opponents, and reveals how he used that valuable information to maximize value and mitigate loss.

27 Table Talk
Learn the sophisticated ways Daniel uses table talk to get valuable information from his opponents and the steps you can take to protect yourself from prying players.

28 How to Think at the Poker Table
Daniel believes it is vital not to let emotion get in the way of logic. Learn the common mental traps poker players need to avoid and the checklist Daniel uses to keep a clear head.

29 Managing and Exploiting Tilt
Daniel encounters TILT just like every other player. Learn the mantra he uses to keep his emotions in check, and how to use TILT as a weapon against your opponents.

30 Table Image and Metagame
Daniel teaches you how to use your table image and play the metagame to get inside your opponent’s head and stay one step ahead.

31 Table Image and Metagame: Hand Reviews
Using the footage from two different hands, Daniel shows how to use metagame as a weapon to steal a pot from his opponent and incorporate his table image into his four-betting range.

32 Player Profiling
Daniel profiles the different types of players you’ll encounter at the tables, the quickest ways to identify them, and how to adjust your strategy to beat each type of player.

33 Game Selection
Learn how to identify your ideal table—one where you can realistically win, maximize your earnings, and have a good time.

34 Bankroll Management
Learn the importance of good bankroll management, how to pick the right stakes, prepare for losing streaks, and keep yourself in the game for the long run.

35 Off-Felt Training
Learn how to optimize your training time away from the felt through practice, meditation, and a balanced lifestyle.

36 Life as a Poker Player
Daniel believes that being a poker player is akin to running a business. Learn how to ensure that your “business” thrives through critical thinking, emotional stability, and adaptability.

37 Closing
Daniel shares lessons learned from his most challenging experiences and the best piece of advice he’s ever received then encourages you to start training.

38 Bonus Material: Online Play
Daniel analyzes the fundamental differences between online and live poker, and shares advice on how to avoid hurting your earn rate.

Click Here to access Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker MasterClass

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